BBES Artists

Art Show!

Enjoy a few Masterpieces!  More information and artwork at the BBES Artists Website, just click the button above and select your grade level to see what your child is learning in Art class. 

Donations Always Welcome and Appreciated

Here is a list of items we could use that you probably have at your house already.  We also welcome donations of anything you think we could use to create beautiful art!  Thank you for sending in items.

Paper Plates





Masking tape

Cereal boxes

Tops of styrofoam carry out boxes (clean please)

Silk flowers

Realistic plastic fruit and vegetables

Heavy aluminium foil

Cotton balls

Tooth picks

Old CDs

Scrapbook paper

Pipe cleaners

Embroidery floss

Plastic promotional 'credit cards'


Plain white paper - any size

Craft Foam

Anything else odd or artsy!