This fundraiser requires nothing, at least for parents!! Kids are encouraged to recycle their juice pouches (Capri Sun or any other brand). Once collected, we will earn $.02 per pouch.


Collection bins are located in the cafeteria and in each classroom for snack. You may also send in any juice pouches that are consumed at home...just be sure to squeeze it empty and remove the straw.


Additionally, we are also collecting candy wrappers!


This year we've also added empty Elmer's glue sticks/bottles.  Please send them in!

These monsters are showing up outside of classrooms ready to collect juice pouches at snack time.

What happens to your glue sticks and bottles when they arrive at the TerraCycle facility? Check out the short video below.

TerraCycle and Elmer's Glue Crew Brigade!

Watch the video below to see what happens to your drink pouches when they arrive at the TerraCycle facility.

Drink Pouch Brigade

Go to the TerraCycle site to learn more about Terracycle - Outsmart Waste.

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